Professional Medical Inhaler High Quality Material Nebulizer Omnibus BR-CN116 B and Bag

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"This device doesn't contain any medicine"
Omnibus BR-CN116 high-quality inhaler with new nebulizer. Easy to transport electric compressor piston pump spray aerosol therapy. OMNIBUS BR-CN116 new-small portable inhaler for continuous operation. One of the most advanced solutions on the market for home aerosol therapy.
Omnibus inhaler is designed for the administration of medicaments by inhalation. Omnibus due to the simple and safe operation can be used in both children and adults. Due to its small size and friendly appearance, even the smallest children do not fear the device during inhalation.
High quality materials and workmanship, powerful and efficient engine for long and safe use. The special design of the drug container (nebulizer) and the strong pump compressor increases the efficiency of inhalation over other compressors. This allows faster and more efficient administration of the aerosol.
Recommended by Mothers:
- Easy and safe drug delivery for the whole family - for various illnesses
- The right method for administering asthmatic, mucolytic, antibiotic, etc.
- Quick and effective infection control, e.g. runny nose, cough
- Moisturizing dried mucous membranes with home heating
- Relief of respiratory tract irritation
- Guaranteed durability and product quality
- A safe pattern
- Small size for easy carrying and folding
Inhaler Accessory Set
It is possible to buy accessories separately: Nebuliser, Adult mask, Children mask, Mouthpiece, Nasal Tip, Air hose, Extra filters (5 pcs).
Inhaler Accessory Set in green color compatible with OMNIBUS CN116 and Professional CN118 Inhalers Accessories.

Make use of an opportunity and get a professional medical Inhaler with necessary accessories, which allows you to respiratory therapy with the use of saline or medication in an appropriate form for nebulization, prescribed by a doctor. We recommend starting nebulization with saline, which will moisturize and help clear the mucous membranes and help coughing up coughs. Thanks to the nebulization, e.g. before bedtime, your child will sleep more peacefully at night, tired of blocked nose or a persistent cough. It is important that the drug administered during the nebulization process works locally and goes exactly where it should and does not burden the baby's delicate tummy. In the past, nebulizers were only available in hospitals or they could be borrowed from outpatient clinics - today you can have this practical device at home and use it as soon as you notice the first symptoms of a cold. It is ideal in home therapy for children and adults.
- Upper respiratory tract:
Allergic rhinitis, inflammation of the palatine tonsils, chronic rhinitis and throat, inflammation of the nose, throat, larynx with purulent and mucous secretions, inflammation of the lateral sinuses of the nose, chronic laryngitis, state of vocal exhaustion, oral mycoses, throat and larynx mycoses, postoperative conditions within the nose and sinuses.
- Lower respiratory tract:
Recurrent bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, sinus-bronchial syndrome, pneumocystosis, conditions after pneumonia, respiratory fungal infections, emphysema and pollinosis with signs of bronchitis

Set contains:
- Inhaler-piston compressor with high durability
- Mask for children and adults
- Mouthpiece
- Nasal tip
- Latex-free air hose
- New, super-efficient nebulizer (atomizer)
- 5 air filters
- Bag for the inhaler
- Colors available: white, green, pink, orange, aquamarine, powder pink, blue
- It is possible to buy accessories separately:
• Nebuliser
• Adult mask
• Children mask
• Mouthpiece
• Nasal Tip
• Air hose
• Extra filters (5 pcs)
Technical data:
- Power supply / Power: 230V 50 Hz / 60W
- Work: continuous
- Current: 0.7 A
- Maximum flow rate: 12-13 l / min.
- Flow rate during operation: 5-8 l / min.
- Nebulization speed: 0.35 ml / min. (2 ml 1% NaF)
- Particle diameter: 3 μm (MMAD)
- Medicine container volume: 6 ml
- Maximum pressure: 2.41 Bar to 3.45 Bar (241kPa to 345 kPa)
- Working pressure: 0.62 Bar to 1.10 Bar (62kPa to 110 kPa)
- Volume: only 50 dBa
- Dimensions: 150 mm x 140 mm x 90 mm
- Weight: about 1.2 kg
Working conditions:
- Temperature: + 10ºC to + 40ºC
- Humidity: 30% to 85% RH
- The storage conditions:
- Temperature: -20ºC to + 70ºC
- Humidity: 10% to 95% RH
- Pressure: 700mb to 1.060mb

- High durability piston inhaler
- Children's mask and adult mask
- Mouthpiece
- Nasal tip
- Long air hose approx. 155 cm
- New, high-performance nebulizer (atomizer)
- Transport bag
- 5 spare air filters

We offers a wide range of inhalaters to respiratory therapy with the use of saline or other medication. Nebulizers are easy to use because there don't require much to do — just place the mouthpiece in your mouth or the mask over your nose and mouth and breathe in the medicine.

- Respiratory diseases and infections
- Asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis, sino-bronchial syndrome
- Inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract
- Emphysema and pneumoconiosis
- Salt inhalation