Strong Rodent, Rat Mouse Mice Hood Animal Pest Repellent Ultrasonic Rat Deterrent 220V

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An effective, proven deterrent for martens, rats, weasels and mice. The device emits variable ultrasound, which creates an unpleasant, unbearable environment for the rodents, which prevents them from settling, staying close to the protected area.
The device's electronic circuitry is fully transistorized, which guarantees high gain and durability. Similar deterrents offered in Poland are very often based on microprocessor systems, which exposes them to faster damage and has a smaller range of operation. Moreover, some devices are not adapted to our climate conditions.

Our domestic device has many times better parameters than other foreign devices offered at neighboring auctions. The electronic circuitry of the device is fully transistor, which guarantees high reinforcement and durability.
Sold at other auctions, you are deterred by microprocessor-based systems, they are less powerful, exposed to faster damage and have a smaller range of operation. In addition, some devices are not adapted to our temperature conditions.

Power supply: 230V from the mains
Power consumption: 70mA
Dimensions: 85x85mm
Angle of ultrasound emission up to 120 degrees
Ultrasonic range up to 200 metres
Operating temperature: -30 to +70 degrees