Light-Control Sensor Maclean MCE34 Outdoor Use Dusk to Dawn Light Control Garden Passage

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Maclean MCE34 Passive dusk-to-dawn sensor ideally suited for use with a miniature lens. Can be used for automatic control of electrical devices, also works with LED lighting! The highest quality twilight sensor with an external sensor (perfect detection) of a leading European manufacturer of intelligent lighting. The sensor is used for automatic control of lighting or other electrical devices, which saves electricity consumption. The lighting is switched on using the twilight sensor. Their design allows you to completely eliminate external support. The relatively high power of devices that can be connected to the sensor widens the possibilities of use.

Power source: 220-240V/AC
Power frequency: 50Hz
Rated current: 10A
Ambient light: <5-50 LUX (adjustable)
Working temperature: -20/+40' C
Working humidity: <93% RH

- Light control sensor that allows Your devices (i.e. lamps) to work only when it's dark!
- An electrical device designed to automate the switching on and off of electrical devices while saving electricity
- Works well with LED lighting!
- Its task is to switch on and disconnect the electrical circuit if the current falls below a certain brightness level
- Light intensity adjustment: <5-50 lux
- Material type: plastic

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