GreenBlue GB850 Maxiclean Flat Mop + Bucket Set, with Squeezer and Two Pieces of Microfiber Pad HQ

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Universal design
The GreenBlue MaxiClean GB850 MOP consists of a bucket fitted with a mopping mechanism. The mechanism makes it possible to regulate the degree of soaking of the mop. It is irreplaceable in cleaning both large and small surfaces and its flat end allows you to reach the least accessible corners.
Window cleaning has never been so easy!
The adjustable length and lightweight handle provides much easier and safer window cleaning than when you have to use a ladder. The microfibre liner cleans your window, absorbs excess water and leaves a clear window without streaks.

- Bucket made of high quality plastic, with squeezer
- Microactive fibers
- Bar height (adjustable): 95 - 127 cm
- Packaging dimensions: 35x25x42cm
- 2 Microfiber Pads included!

- Flat mop with GreenBlue MaxiClean GB850 bucket
- 2 Microfiber Pads included!
- User's Manual
- 2 years warranty
- Proof of Purchase

Comfortable and Effective - The Best Way to Clean Your House!

- Perfect for cleaning floors and windows!
- GreenBlue MaxiClean is a modern and user-friendly product
- Allows you to clean surfaces without soaking your hands!
- The bucket is equipped with a professional squeezer
- Two microfiber inserts in the set
- Streak-less Cleaning
- Suitable also for wooden floors and tiles
- Thanks to the flexible connector, the mop allows you to reach even the least accessible corners!
- Ensures effective and efficient mopping without spraying
- Telescopic rod with a length of 95 - 127 cm
- Bucket made of high quality plastic
- Pads made of high quality Microfiber

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