1.7L glass electric kettle with temperature control Concept RK4120

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Thanks to the universal design, the RK4120 glass kettle will become an elegant addition to a modern home. The power of 2200 W ensures fast heating, and with a capacity of 1.7 liters you can prepare up to 7 cups. The modern design of the kettle is complemented by colorful backlight depending on the selected temperature, which is possible thanks to LEDs.

RK4120 is equipped with a temperature control function, thanks to which you can prepare water for your favorite drink. All you need to do is set the correct temperature between 50 and 100 ° C on the button at the top of the handle. The kettle has light and sound signaling. Has the function of maintaining water temperature.

- Capacity: 1.7 liters (preparation for 7 cups)
- Temperature selection: 50, 70, 80, 90 and 100 ° C
- Keep warm function
- Colorful LED backlight
- Sound signaling after reaching the required temperature
- High quality brand STRIX connector
- Material: borosilicate glass / stainless steel
- Water level indicator
- Button to open the lid
- Work indicator
- Removable stone filter
- Double safety system (turns off when the boiling point is reached, protection against switching on without water)
- Power: 2200 W

- 1.7L electric glass kettle with temperature control Concept RK4120
- Manufacturer's packaging
- User manual
- The proof of purchase

The Concept RK4120 kettle is made of high quality, tempered and non-toxic borosilicate glass resistant to high temperatures and discoloration. The advantage is long life and easy maintenance of the kettle.

- Each of the 5 set temperatures has its own color thanks to the LEDs:
50 ° C (green backlight) ... porridge, children's drinks
70 ° C (blue backlight) ... green tea
80 ° C (purple backlight) ... yellow, white and oolong tea
90 ° C (yellow backlight) ... instant coffee
100 ° C (red backlight) ... black, fruit and herbal teas, Turkish coffee