Alkalic batteries everActive LR03 AAA Set of 10 batteries

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Alkaline batteries everActive LR03 AAA Pro alkaline - 10 piece tray The highest quality, attractive price. The offered price applies to a set of 10 pieces of AAA LR03 everActive batteries.
The second generation of everActive alkaline batteries dramatically improves performance in devices with higher power consumption. The new refined batteries offer a 60% higher performance compared to the previous Industrial Alcaline series in devices with a very high energy demand.

- LR03 AAA Micro
- Nominal voltage 1.5 V
- Capacity of 1250 mAh for low loads
- Maximum dimensions 44.5 x 10.5 mm
- Weight 11 g / article
- Tray for packaging - foil 10 articles

- Minimum duration of conservation: 2026
- Set of 10 pieces
- Reinforced, sealed construction
- Especially recommended for industrial and professional use