20x Varta Industrial 6LR61 9V Alkaline Batteries Set of 20 Advanced Professional

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Advanced alkaline battery 6LR61 / 9V Industrial (reinforced High Energy battery), dedicated for industrial / professional applications. The cell is more durable than the zinc-carbon one. Intended for devices where the length of action and power are of great importance. One of the most powerful alkaline batteries on the market, having excellent electrical parameters.

Industrial PRO - the most powerful alkaline batteries in the VARTA range. They have been specially developed for professional / industrial use. VARTA Industrial batteries provide powerful power for devices with high energy consumption.

- Battery size: Block. 9th Vol
- Cell type: alkaline-manganese
- Voltage: 9 V
- Capacity: 540-640 mAh
- Product width: 25.5 mm
- Product height: 48.5 mm
- Depth of product: 16 mm
- Contents: 20 items
- Alternative battery identification: 6LR61, 6LR21, 6AM6, 6LP3146, MN1604, A1604, E Block, LR22, 522, 6LF22, 1604A, K9V, 6R21, 6R22, BA3090 / U, 6F22, PP3HP, 006P, AM6F, 6LF62, HP3, M1604, 4022, BLOC, CLR6, KA9, ND65V, U9VL-JP

- Alkaline batteries VARTA Industrial 9V 6LR61 20 pcs
- Original packaging
- The proof of purchase

- A powerful battery for industrial applications
- One of the most powerful alkaline batteries on the market
- Highest quality for devices with high power consumption
- Reliable
- Made in Germany
- Type 6LR61 9V