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High Energy are one of the most powerful batteries in the VARTA assortment. They have been specially developed for use in devices such as: toys, computer equipment, flashlights or motion detectors. VARTA High Energy batteries provide powerful power for devices with variable and high energy consumption. They are characteriseed by increased capacity and efficiency compared to standard alkaline batteries. Batteries are delivered in an easy opening and closing mechanism.

- Type VARTA: 4903
- IEC marking: LR03
- Cell size: AAA
- Diameter: 10.5 mm
- Height: 44.5 mm
- Electrochemical system: alkaline-manganese battery (ZN / MNO2)
- Voltage: 1.5 V
- Other designations: LR03, AAA, LR3, AM4M8A, AM4, S, MN2400, 824, E92, LR03N, 24A, K3A, R3, R03, 7526, UM4, Micro, V2500PX

- Set contains 24 Varta High Energy AAA batteries
- Increased capacity compared to standard alkaline batteries
- Excellent electrical performance
- Top quality for high power devices
- Delivered in box with an easy opening and closing mechanism
- Made in Germany