Maclean TV Systems MCTV-580 Audio Jack Adapter - 3.5mm Splitter Cable


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Brand Maclean already has a large number of satisfied customers when entering the market. 
The brand is world-renowned for quality, innovation, product reliability and service. 
Maclean is an industry leader in Europe. 

- 1x 3.5mm connector to 2x 3.5mm connectors
- Multiple devices can be connected to one source
- Perfect processing
- Excellent audio transmission

- The Maclean MCTV-580 3.5mm splitter cable makes turning from a single 3.5 mm jack socket 
- Two 3.5 mm jack sockets!
- This high-quality adapter allows multiple devices to be connected to one source. 
- Close e.g. 2 Connect headphones or mobile speakers to your smartphone using the adapter. 
- This adapter cable is characterized by perfect processing for excellent audio transmission in stereo quality