4x everActive R03 / AAA 800mAh batteries high quality
4x everActive R03 / AAA 800mAh batteries high quality

4x everActive R03 / AAA 800mAh batteries high quality


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Very universal - everActive batteries, they can be used, among others: flashlights, toys, etc., and due to the use of "ready to use" technology, they can be a direct replacement for alkaline batteries, etc.

Due to the increased durability, they will be the first choice for DECT cordless phones, solar lights, remote controls, mice and computer keyboards, etc.

- Type: R03 AAA, Ni-MH,
- Dimensions: 10.5 x 44.5mm,
- Gross set weight: 55g,
- Cell weight: 12g,
- Voltage: 1.2V,
- Manufactured in accordance with applicable standards - serious manufacturer - quality guarantee,
- Excellent flat discharge characteristics,
- Very high capacity - max 800mAh, minimum 750mAh - according to IEC 61951-2 (7.3.2),
- Internal impedance: <35 mOhm (for charged battery),
- Possible discharges with very high current> 1.6A,
- Packaging - blister pack of 4

- 4x everActive R03 / AAA 800mAh batteries
- Manufacturer's packaging

Ideal for demanding toys, flashlights, spotlights, digital cameras, CD / MP3 players, and even watches, remote controls etc. The capacity of everActive batteries is similar to alkaline batteries, but they can be recharged (up to 1200x). In addition, the batteries bear much better discharge with high current.

- The cells can be charged up to 1200 times
- Can be charged in any charger charging Ni-MH batteries
- Ideal for all types of digital devices that support AAA - R03 batteries
- Batteries ready for use immediately after unpacking because they are sold in a charged state
- A wide range of operating temperatures: from - 20 to + 50 ° C
- Highly limited self-discharge due to the use of READY 2 USE technology