Everactive NC-3000

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NC-3000 is an advanced user's dream device - highly configurable with unique features which are a trademark of Everactive brand.
The NC-3000 allows to charge up to 4 batteries at a time - each charging slot is FULLY independent thanks to a quality processor controlling each charging bay's work. 
Each slot can be have a manually adjusted charge/discharge amperage set. 
5 Work modes to keep your batteries in top shape - Refresh, Charge, Discharge, Test, Quick Test.
Multifunctional, easy to ready digital display provides detailed status information.
As most Everactive chargers the NC-3000 is equipped with a unique, highly advanced microprocessor that allows top-notch dV detection. You will be able to charge even heavily exploited batteries, which other chargers will detect as malfunctioning. 

Compatible batteries: 1-4 pcs R03 AAA / R6 AA,Ni-MH / Ni-CD - any capacity
Adjustable charge amperage: 200-400-600-800-1000 mA, or 1200-1400 mA with just 2 cells
Adjustable discharge amperage: 100-200-300-400-500 mA, or 600-700 mA with just 2 cells
Safety features:
microprocessor with dV control
Battery overheat protection (4 sensors)
Charger overheat protection (2 sensors)
Overload/short-circuit protection
Alkaline and damaged cells detection
Work modes:
Quick Test
Approximate charging times:
1-2pcs R03 800mAh - 40min.
3-4pcs. R03 800mAh - 60min.
1-2pcs. R03 1000mAh - 50min.
3-4pcs. R03 1000mAh - 70min.
1-2pcs. R6 2000mAh - 100min.
3-4pcs. R6 2000mAh - 140min.
1-2pcs. R6 2500mAh - 120min.
3-4pcs. R6 2500mAh - 180min.
1-2pcs. R14 3000mAh - 150min.
1-2pcs. R20 5000mAh - 250min.

Highly advanced microprocessor with excellent dV detection will allow you to charge even heavily exploited batteries, which other charger detect as malfunction
4 FULLY independent charging bays - adjust settings of each charging bay according to your needs
Easy to read digital display provides detailed information about the status of your batteries
Advanced design minimises heat generation
5 work-modes- test the real capacity of your batteries, charge and regenerate them and more !
Dedicated for advanced users, yet easy to setup and use

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