Storage Box Crate Container Plast Team HomeBox 85L


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Thanks to the lid, the box can be closed. It is easy to move because it is equipped with wheels and a handle. The 85L volume allows papers, underwear, toys and other things to be stored there and protected from the dust.

Container Plast Team HomeBox 85L

- on wheels
- transparent
- with lid
- made of plastic
- Lid is held in place with two clamps
- with handle
- Volume: 85L
- Size: 71.2 x 48 x 39.5cm

The set contains:
- Container
- original packaging
- 2 years warranty

The ideal container for your things!

- 85L volume
- lockable thanks to the lid
- transparent
- has a handle
- on wheels
-71,2 x 48 x 39,5cm Large with lid