LTCA32 car travel fridge with 32L heating function

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The LTCA32 travel fridge is ideal for both hot summer days and winter getaways. It allows, depending on the external conditions, to cool food up to 6 ° C or heat it to + 60 ° C. It is therefore an ideal device for cooling food during a summer picnic, as well as storing hot drinks during winter madness.
The large interior, with a capacity of 32 liters, makes the LTCA32 travel fridge easily accommodate your packed lunch - you can easily put even a 1.5l bottle in it. A very solid device is completed by an aesthetic casing in shades of red. The fridge has the option of being powered from a 230V network or from a cigarette lighter socket.

The LTCA32 fridge has a built-in special air circulation system, which further increases the efficiency of the entire device.
The built-in transformer allows you to use the fridge connected to a 230V wall socket as well as to a 12V cigarette lighter socket in a car.
Built-in wires have a special chamber in which we can hide the unused wire or both wires when the fridge is not connected to the power supply.

- Capacity: 32 l
- Cooling type: Peltier system, CFC free
- Insulation: Cyclopentane
- DC power: cooling 48 W ± 20%, heating 40 W ± 20%
- AC power: cooling 58 W ± 20%, heating 52 W ± 20%
- AC power (ECO mode): 8 W
- Cooling: 16 ° C - 20 ° C below ambient temperature (depending on the ambient temperature - up to a maximum of 6 ° C)
- Heating: up to + 60 ° C (depending on the ambient temperature)
- Noise level: ~ 60dB
- Power supply: DC12V; AC220-240V 50-60HZ
- Dimensions: 44 x 32 x 44.7 cm
- Weight: 4.6 kg

- LTCA32 travel fridge with 32L heating function
- Complete set of wires
- Original packaging

The fridge mechanism is based on a thermoelectric Peltier Cell system - it is a freon-free system that allows both cooling and heating.
The carefully and solidly made original LTCA32 travel fridge is perfect for:
- summer trip
- garden parties
- picnics and trips
- on the playground
- in the car
- on the bus
- in train
- for sailing trips
- for fish
- for taxi drivers
- in the hotel
- in the dorm
- at the construction site
- in the office
- at home shoulder

- Cools up to 20 ° C below ambient temperature. (max 6 ° C)
- Heats up to 60 ° C
- 23L capacity
- 230V or 12V power supply
- Special compartment for hiding cables
- Efficient air circulation system
- High quality cyclopentane thermal insulation
- Comfortable hinged lid and folding handle with lock
- Place for a bottle
- Salmon color