CABLE CABLE HDMI 2.0 4K 3D UHD 5m COPPER 48 bit Quality

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HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a high-definition multimedia interface, it is a digital interface for audio and video signals capable of transmitting a full stream of data without compression. HDMI allows you to connect any standard audio-video device.

The cable allows you to connect the following devices together:
- LCD, LED, PLAZMA TVs with an HDMI socket
- DVD players
- Blu-ray players
- Digital platform decoders: N television, Cyfra +, Polsat Cyfrowy, TELWIZJA na Kartę
- PC-TV LAPTOP-TV Recorders Projectors Digital monitors TFT / LCD panels and many other devices equipped with HDMI sockets ...

- Plugs covered with gold
- 99.9% Copper
- 4K format support
- FULL HD support, ULTRA HD, 3D
- HDMI v2.0 30AWG 4K 60Hz standard
- Triple shielded
- Audio return channel
- ETHERNET channel
- Rubber elastic casing

- Cable HDMI-HDMI cable Maclean MCTV-707 5m v2.0
- Original packaging
- The proof of purchase

HDMI 2.0
Along with the latest HDMI 2.0 standard, there has been improvement of the already existing parameters, which will be especially liked by very demanding users:
- Maximum resolution: 4096 x 2160 p60. 4k format
- Maximum color depth: 48-bit.
- Maximum signal bandwidth: 600 MHz.
Particularly worth noting is the almost double increase in the maximum bandwidth of the signal, as well as support for full resolution 4096 x 2160 p60 in the full range of color depth from 24 to 48-bit / px.

- HDMI 19 pin plug - HDMI 19 pin plug (HDMI A - HDMI A)
- The appropriate AWG diameter has been chosen for each cable length, thanks to which it is possible to use all the functions that ver. 2.0
- The cable made using OFC oxygen-free technology with the highest purity of 99.99% ensures optimal signal transmission without loss
- Gold-plated 24k connectors have a positive effect on long service life
- Triple shielded cable and used high quality materials do not require additional filters
- The cable is compatible with all previous versions of HDMI, which means that it supports all devices equipped with the HDMI standard
- Cable resistant to external interference
- Digital data transfer provides an amazing depth of color and crystal clear sound without loss in FULL quality - HD and Ultra HD
- The original Maclean TV Systems cable