Promedix PR-770 Cordless Irrigator Oral Dental Care

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The PR-770 is a modern cordless irrigator, of which strong water stream precisely removes food residues from the interdental spaces, maintaining oral hygiene. A strong stream with a force of up to 8.5 Bar eliminates the problem of improper clearance of orthodontic appliances, bridges or implants. Irrigation can significantly reduce bleeding from the gums and the amount of bacteria that can cause inflammation.
Promedix Irrigator cleans and massages the gums, causing better blood circulation and thus improves their overall condition. Ease of use and a strong stream of water help maintain oral hygiene at the highest level!

- Adjustable irrigation power
- 3 modes of operation (gentle, normal, pulsating)
- Strength of the stream up to 8.5 Bar (72.5-123 Psi)
- Degree of protection IPX7
- Material: ABS + PP (tank)
- Tank capacity: 160 ml
- Power supply: Built-in NiMh battery
- Charging: USB

- Promedix PR-770 Irrigator
- 2 ends
- USB cable
- User manual
- Manufacturer's packaging
- The proof of purchase

- It improves the condition of the gums
- High quality
- The product of the renowned Promedix brand
- Cordless
- High water pressure
- Ergonomic shape