Maclean MCTV-963 High Gain Indoor Aerial Antenna Low Noise Digital Analog Freeview FM DVB Strongt 45dB


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Room antenna for reception of television signal. Suitable for both terrestrial analogue and DVB-T (digital terrestrial television). It can be used for both TV and radio signals. The built-in antenna amplifier amplifies high-definition terrestrial television signals. 
The anetnna would receive the DVB-T2 signal, but by passing on to it, the customer must take care of the component adaptation because not every decoder works with DVB-T2 and then the signal can be interrupted.

Frequency range: 40-862 MHz
Receivable range: FM/VHF/UHF
UHF: 45dB
VHF: 36dB
Output Level: 100 dB µV
Impedance: 75 Ohm
Interference: <5.5 dB
Power supply: DC 12V/50mA
Warranty: 24 months

Strongest 45dB indoor antenna on the market
Compatible with both digital and analog signal
built-in SMD low noise amplifier
Modern design
Maximum interference reduction
Two-antenna multi-directional system