Humidifier with Hanks Air 6.5L remote control, filter, AROMATHERAPY

Humidifier with Hanks Air 6.5L remote control, filter, AROMATHERAPY

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An air humidifier with ionization is a breath of fresh air in your apartment / office. An automatic switch connected to a water sensor will turn the ionizer off if there is no water. The device has a 6.5 l water tank and a performance area of ​​up to 50 m2. The humidity range can be set manually from 40 to 95%, and the mist outlet is also adjustable. In addition, the device has a very quiet operation (noise level is maximum 35 dB). Air humidification - replenishing water in the air. It destroys airborne bacteria, fungal and mold spores. Moisturized air is free from unpleasant odors. Air humidification allows you to get rid of allergic symptoms.

-Type: Automatic
-Model: Hanks Air
- Moisture range: 40% -95%
- Noise level: <35 dB
- Type of humidification: Ultrasonic
-Przeznaczenie: House / Office
-Power supply: 220-240V
- Water level sensor and signaling: YES
- Adjusting the blow force: YES
-Move fog: Ragged
- Performance area: up to 50m2
-Aromaterapia: YES - box for aromatherapy is located on the bottom of the humidifier base.
-Automatic shut-off: Yes - in the absence of water in the tank
- Water container: 6.5 L
-Timer: YES - 1,2,4,8
- Touch panel: YES
- Display: LCD
- humidity control: YES
Hygrometer: YES
- humidity control: YES
- Ultrasound technology: YES
- Air ionization: YES
-White color

- Instructions in Polish,
- Remote,
- Ceramic filter (installed in the device)

- Air ionization function
- Backlit touch panel on which the humidification level and active functions are displayed
- Very quiet operation <35db
-Automatic moisture level control and device shutdown system in the absence of water
- High efficiency of humidification with high efficiency
- Hygrometer with adjustable humidity from 40 to 95 RH%
- Aromatherapy function