Maclean Energy MCE241 Infrared Motion Sensor with Remote Control IP65, max 800W (Light Bulb), max 1200W (LED)

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The product is distinguished by its high sensitivity through the use of integrated circuit. It combines automatics, convenience of use, safety, energy savings and practical functions. This device uses infrared radiation emitted by a human being as a signal to start working when someone appears within the detection range. It automatically detects day and night and is easy to install and use.

Note: the 1OS Short Signal Mode means that the voltage after 1 second will start the device, and after 9s it will turn off.

- Power supply: 220-240V / AC
- Detection angle: 180°
- Power frequency: 50 / 60Hz
- Detection range: 12m max (<24 ° C)
- Light intensity: <3-2000LUX (regulation)
- Time delay: Min.10sec ± 3sec / Max.30min ± 3min
- Working temperature: -20 / +40 ° C
- Operating humidity: <93% RH
- Power consumption: ~0.5W
- Max. load: for incandescent bulbs 1200W / 300W for energy-saving light bulbs
- Mounting height: 1.8-2.5m
- Speed of detected motion: 0.6-1.5m/s
- Detection range: 50/75/100% (selection)

- MCE241 Maclean Energy Infrared Motion Sensor IP65
- Remote control
- Manual and Installation Instructions
- Original packaging
- The proof of purchase

• ON - power on, after 8h it returns to AUTO mode
• OFF - turning off the power, after 8h it returns to the AUTO mode
• AUTO - automatic setting depending on the movement
• 100% / 75% / 50% - Adjust the detection range
• 10/50/150 / 2000LUX - Set the LUX sensitivity range
• EYE - Automatically reads the current ambient light level, and the sensor operates in accordance with the stored LUX value, range 3-2000 LUX
• 1min-30min Set the time delay
• 1OS - short signal mode means that the voltage after 1 sec. will start the device and turn off after 9s.
• TEST - Test mode
• LOCK - Lock and unlock the remote control buttons
• RESET - The sensor works according to the knob setting

- Infrared motion sensor with remote control IP65, max 800W (light bulb), max 1200W (LED) MCE241 Maclean Energy
- Comfortable control via the remote control included in the set
- The device distinguishes between day and night
- The user can adjust the operation of the device depending on the ambient light
- The device can work both during the day and at night when it is set in the "sun" position (max)
- Can also work in an environment where the light is lower than 3 LX, when the device is set to the "moon" position
- For the regulation pattern, please refer to the testing scheme
- Time delay is added continuously: If the device receives a second traffic signal during the first one, the device counts down the time from the moment of registering the second signal. The light will not turn off when you're in the room!