EverActive NC1000 PLUS microprocessor charger NEW

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NC-1000 PLUS is a new, refreshed version of the valued everActive charger. The design has been further improved by strengthening its high position in the segment of professional chargers.
The charger is used for charging and maintenance of 1-4 items. R03 AAA / R6 AA batteries made in Ni-MH and Ni-Cd technology.
Perfect for next-generation cells such as Eneloop or Ready2Use.

NC-1000 PLUS is a structure built from scratch, stylistically modeled on the popular models BC-700 / BC-900 / BC-1000. The engineers went a step further and eliminated the two biggest drawbacks of BC series loaders:
- the input voltage is 12V DC (in the BC series - 3V) - the most universal - in the set, the mains adapter and car adapter,
- during loading / unloading, the parameters for each compartment can be freely changed, the charging current is not limited or depends on the other pre-installed cells (in the BC series the current is limited to the value set for the first battery being installed).
In addition, the charger has a USB 5V / 1000mA output for charging mobile devices (phones, etc.).
What's more - the charger, unlike the more expensive MH-C9000 or Ansmann Powerline 4 Pro, has the least restrictive mechanism for detecting batteries with high internal resistance - this means that it can charge even heavily used batteries that other chargers will consider damaged!

- Supported batteries: 1-4 pcs. R03 AAA / R6 AA, Ni-MH / Ni-CD
with any capacity
- Charging current: adjustable: 200-500-700-1000 mA
- USB charging
- LCD display

- NC1000 PLUS charger packed in the original carton
- AC 100-240V / 12V DC mains adapter - 1500mA with 1.2m cable
- 12V DC car adapter with cigarette lighter plug with 1.2m cable
- User manual PL / EN
- 2 years warranty
- A proof of purchase

- New, more professional discharging mode with capacitance measurement - allows you to check the remaining capacity of any cell (also primary batteries - eg alkaline), also pre-charged
- Modified discharging mode allowing to check and remember the capacity of any 1.2-1.6V cell - including alkaline and Ni-Zn cells
- Very handy and compact - the loader is slimmer even from the BC-700 / BC-1000 series of loaders!
- Despite the multitude of functions, the charger is very easy and intuitive to use
- Four, completely independent charging channels - 4 pcs can be recharged different batteries, different manufacturers, different capacities, in different sizes
- Fully independent setting of the charging / discharging current for each channel
- Adjustable charging current: 200-500-700-1000 mA for 1-4pcs. R03 AAA / R6 AA batteries
- Adjustable discharge current: 100-250-350-500 mA
- Universal input voltage 12V DC / 1.5A, in the set the network adapter and car plugged into the cigarette lighter socket - as a small one it is possible to use a mobile device
- Multifunctional LCD display, showing the current state of charge (voltage), charging time, charging current, counted mAh capacity for each cell - the selected parameter is displayed simultaneously for all cells being charged - you do not need to switch between them like in MH- C9000
- Four charger work programs: REFRESH - refresh / shaping, CHARGE - charging, DISCHARGE - unloading, TEST - capacity testing
- Socket, USB output - the charger can be used to charge mobile devices - 5V DC / 1000mA