Audiocore AC805 Computer Stereo Speakers for PC Laptop, 2.0 Stereo System, USB Powered, 6W RMS Power


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Affordable, small speakers that can be easily placed on the desk 
Can Perfect for on the go: super-light, stable construction. 
They also look extremely elegant and are very stable! 
Ideal for computers, notebooks or MP3 players 
The compact loudspeakers from Audiocore are easily USB and 3.5mm 
Jack plug to the PC or notebook and connected via 
The USB port, they do not need a power supply. 
With the volume control you can turn your favorite music full! 
Headphone input allows convenient connection of headphones.

 Soundsystem: 2x PC Speakers
 Output power: 2x 3 Watt RMS
 Volume control
 Headphone input
 Connection to PC / Notebook via 3.5 mm jack
 Power supply via USB
 Space-saving housing

Audiocore AC805 loudspeaker with clear sound and 
6 watts of peak power provide full, clear stereo loud sound
Enough to enjoy your music anywhere in the house.