Maclean MCE133 Motion Detector - Microwave Sensor 1m - 8m 360º IP20

Maclean MCE133 Motion Detector - Microwave Sensor 1m - 8m 360º IP20

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Thanks to the use of a microwave sensor, motion detection can occur through glass, plastic and wooden obstacles such as doors or windows. The MCE133 microwave motion sensor is designed to automatically control the lighting of internal and external parts of rooms, such as: staircases, corridors, basements, garages, changing rooms, toilets, etc.

Microwave motion sensors are active motion detectors operating at a frequency of 5.8 GHz. The devices are characterized by high operating frequency, low power emission (<0.2 mW) and very good motion detection towards or away from the motion sensor. The MCE133 sensor has a built-in dusk-to-dawn sensor. The specificity of the device allows it to be installed behind doors, panels, glass elements or thin walls. The presented properties allow for versatile use of the microwave motion sensor.

- Detection Range: 360°
- Detection distance: 1-8m
- Rated Load: Max. 2000W
- Incandescent bulb / 1000W
- Energy saving bulb
- Installation Height: 2-6m

- Microwave motion sensor with dusk-to-dawn detector
- Highly adjustable
- Perfect for automatic switching of lighting and other electrical devices
- Possible calibration to the needs of the location
- Detection range from a minimum of 1m to 8m - works well in corridors
- Adjustment of the activation time: depending on the needs, it can be set in the range from 10s ± 3s to 15min ± 2min.
- The timer is reset each time the device detects movement
- Adjustable shutdown time from 10 sec (+/- 3 sec) to a maximum of 12 min (+/- 1min)