BRANQ 1305 mix
BRANQ 1305 mix
BRANQ 1305 mix
BRANQ 1305 mix

BRANQ 1305 mix


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Do what you gotta do - discreetly and hygienically.
Branq bucket with a detachable toilet seat is a great portable toilet solution, allowing you to solve many problems which you may face in locations without sewage system, like on camps, when sailing or during long car trips. Easy and comfortable to use.

Robust and stable
Easy Cleaning
Very stable and comfortable
construction With seat and lid
Capacity: 15,5 L
Color: pink, blue, black
Ideal for camping, caravans, mobile homes, boats and gardens

Perfect in locations without sewage system
Lid stops the unpleasant smell
Handle is perfect for mounting toilet paper
Useful on trip, when sailing and camping