Samsung PIL1030

Samsung PIL1030


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The pilot replaces models: 00135А, BN59-00859A, BN59-00516A, AA59-00316B, 00131В,
BN59-00862A, BN59-00517A, AA59-00325, 00163С, BN59-00863A, BN59-00529A, AA59-00326, 00191А, BN59-00864A, BN59-00530A, AA59-00327, 00198D / F / G, BN59-00865A, BN59-00531A, AA59-00357,00199С, BN59-00886A, BN59-00539A, AA59-00370A / B, 00231B / D, BN59-00888A, BN59-00555A, AA59-00382A, 00249А, BN59-00901А, BN59-00557A, AA59-00385A, 00258А / В, BN59-00940A, BN59-00559A, AA59-00397A / B, 00344А, BN59-00960A, BN59-00567A, AA59-00399A / B / E, 10095Т / Х, BN59-01014A, BN59- 00590A, AA59-00401B / C, 10099С, BN59-01018A, BN59-00596A, AA59-00403E, 10110H / G, BN59-01039A, BN59-00602A, AA59-00421A, 10116А, BN59-01069A, BN59-00603A, AA59- 00424A, 10123В, ВР59-00084, BN59-00604A, AH59-01695L,
10129В, MD59-00242A, BN59-00609A, AH59-01951K, 12012А, MD59-00350A, BN59-00610A, AK59-00104R, 3F14-00034-490, 00002В / С, BN59-00613A, BN59-000624A, 3F14-00038- 311/470/781, 00023В, BN59-00676A, BN59-00366, 3F14-00038-900 / 980, 00064А, BN59-00683A, BN59-00399A, 3F14-00034-981 / 982, 00077А / С, BN59-00684A / B, BN59-00412, АА59-00002А, 00104А / В / С, BN59-00685A / B, BN59-00429A, АА59-00025Н, 00104D / F / J, BN59-00686A, BN59-00434A / C, АН59-00042В, 00104К / М, BN59-00687A, BN59-00457A, АН59-00048А, 00104P / N / H, BN59-00701A,
BN59-00464, AA59-00104N, 00116А, BN59-00702A, BN59-00477A, ​​АА59-00312А / В / С, 00121 А / В, BN59-00705A, BN59-00489, 00124А, BN59-00706A, BN59-00507A, 00128C / D / P, BN59-00752A, BN59-00512A and many more.

- Range: 8m
-Material: ABS
-Battery: 2xAA
-Dimensions: 22.5 x 4.5 x 2 cm

- Ideal replacement for samsung remote control
- Compatible with many models