Vileda DuActiva Classic Vile DuActiva with 2 sponge sponge in 1 sponge

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Smetak different from all of them! DuActiva is an introductory duet - brush and sponge

Vileda Du-Activa broom

- Producer: Vileda
- Rod with a length of 130 cm
- Average hair length: 6.5 - 7 cm
- Size of the base to which the bristles are attached: 29 cm x 5.5 cm (at the widest point)

- Vite Duactiva 2-in-1 sponge
- Original packaging
- Proof of purchase

The Vileda Du-Activa is suitable for any floor surface and is recommended for allergy sufferers.

- Duactiva collects hair, hair, dust and dirt on the first step without causing dust
- Combination of two types of material: electrostatic sponges and chipped at the ends of the bristles
- Easy to Clean - Easy to remove cleaning sponge: just pull the plastic sponge out of the rails, clean it and put it back
- By brushing the bottom of the brush, it won't damage walls or furniture while cleaning
- Duactiva is designed for all types of floors
- With a length of 130 cm
- Average bristle length: 6.5-7 cm; undersize to which bristles are attached: 29cm x 5.5cm (at widest point)