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Promedix PR-600 is a certified medical device for instantaneous temperature control. Primarily designed for body temperature control, the PR-600 functionality is extended to temperature check of liquids, and surroundings. 
It is amazing how many daily problems this device can help you to solve - Is your child feeling unwell ? 1 second measurement will tell you right away if he is having a fever. 
Preparing a bath for your baby ? Bother no longer with checking the water temperature yourself - the baby's skin is much more sensitive, and what might seem a perfect water temperature for you, might be perceived differently by a delicate baby. The PR-600 will provide you with reliable temperature measurement, and allows to prepare a perfect bath each time ! 
Control meal temperatures - Make it easier with meals that you prepare for you baby as well ! With the liquid temperature measurement you can quickly make sure that you baby won't receive food that is simply too hot for him. 
The PR-600 also allows you for a quick check of your surroundings temperature in the range of 10 - 40° Celsius degree.

Measures body temperature, liquids temperature, surroundings and surface temperature
Measurement time: 1 second
Highlighted LCD display
Measures temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Memorises previous measurements
Temperature measurement range:
Body temperature: 32°C – 42,5°C / 89,6°F – 108,5°F.
Surface temperature: 0,0°C – 100,0°C / 32,0°F – 212,0°F.
Accuracy: +/- 0,3°C.
Measurement distance: 5cm – 8cm.
Auto turn-off after 7 secs idle
Powered by: DC9 V (6F22 battery).
Dimensions: 150mm × 75mm × 40mm (L×W×H).
Weight: 400g.
CE & RoHS certified
Warranty: 24 months

Measures body temperature, liquids temperature, surroundings and surface temperature
Backlit LCD and auto power off after 7 seconds
Fast and accurate allows to quickly obatin the correct measurement result.
Suitable for children at any age, and adults.
Cerified medical device, with 24 month warranty. Safe and reliable.

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