Prosperplast 5905197140124 Garden palisade with invasion I PAL6 3, 02m brown

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This palisade innovative type of palisade IPAL6 Designed to protect the collections of novelty, herbs or stoves and effectively protects flower beds, separating them from persistent pests, such as snails, is equipped with separately mounted pins, which allow easy assembly and disassembly,
A series of sharp spikes does not allow them to get to our facilities.
It was made on the principle of flexible modules that can be easily combined with each other and allow the creation of fences with sophisticated shapes.
The convenient way of connecting modules allows for any shape of the mold, and the mower wheels can move on a special collar. Ideal, for example, for separating the lawn from flower beds. Available in three colors.

-Size / Weight: 302 x 302 x 10 cm; 2 kg
Height: 10 cm
-Length: 302 cm
-Width: 302 cm
Material: plastic
- In the pack of 8 modules for a palisade installation with a length of 3.2 m
Diameter of the rod: 60 mm
- High height: 100 mm
Clearance width for the mower: 55 mm

- Garden gardening with inrun I PAL6 3, 02m brown
-The proof of purchase

- Material: plastic
- Flexible (curves are easy to connect)
- Waterproof and resistant to frost
- with earth spines
- It is resistant to frost, almost indestructible and has a system for connecting modules.