Unique Collapsible Pot for Children Solves the Problem of Physiological Needs of Children in Public


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Ecological Potty 100% Safe - Tron - unique collapsible pot for children solves the problem of physiological needs of children in public places when the toilet is occupied or dirty, or when traveling by means of transport 
Light structure, small size, light weight, convenience and ease of use. 
Its disposable character enables to throw it out immediately after use. 
Product innovativeness is defined by its intuitive quick unfolding and folding 
after usage and the use of absorbent pads which prevents from spillage.

1) user-friendly when your child has a need, then simply fold the potty To use and fold it together 
2) practical and functional when you are in the store, during a trip or on the road with your children, then it is useful 
3) ecological is made from ecological, environmentally friendly products 
4) safe and reliable tearing the potty and does not wrinkle. It is perfect in difficult situations 
5) sturdy a special construction makes the potty handle a heavy load 
6) collapsible and compact thanks to its low size it fits to every bag extremely solid It holds the load of 30 kg

Disposable, biodegradable
Super-absorbent insert GelMax
For children from 1 year to 6 years of age and weight max 30 kg / Useful during combat motion sickness
The complex is tiny and lightweight (H. 16 cm., Width. 9 cm, thickness 3.5 cm, weight 50 grams)
Dimensions when unfolded: h. 13.5 cm hole inside 15.5 x 13, the depth of the bag about 12 cm.
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