EverActive NC-900U

EverActive NC-900U

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Universal charger Processor Battery AA (R6), AAA (R03), 6F22 (9V), C (R14), D (R20) with 8 independent channels, intelligent charging and automatic discharge / refresh function for all types of batteries. Importantly, the charger charges the batteries of up to 100% of their capacity (in the case of cheap chargers, batteries processor gain to approx. 80% of its maximum capacity). Professional 8-channel universal charger, microprocessor - charging time 6p. Battery 2500mAh is approx. 3 hours; Charges 1 to 6 pcs. AA / AAA or 1 to 4 pcs. C / D and 1-2 pcs. 9V battery, up to 8 pcs. batteries in various configurations; Independent charging channels allow for precise charging even a single battery; LCD, showing the percentage% indicative recharge the batteries - also 9V! 4 stage (the discharge) automatic program loading and maintenance of batteries.

Universal processor Charger with LCD everActive NC-900U with USB.
It has 8 fully independent channels
Intelligent charging function refresh / discharge
6x R03 AAA, AA R6 interchangeable with 4x C R14, R20 D + 2 channels for 9V batteries

8 Universal channels
Large LCD display
Charging indication%
Batteries not included
Intelligent charging refresh/discharge function

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