Maclean MCE93 Universal Garage Door Opener , 868.3 MHz Fixed Code


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Deleting pilot memory: Press and hold A and B at the same time - after two seconds the LED flashes three times. Release the B button and quickly press and release 3 keys (A button must be pressed continuously). After a moment the blue LED will flash rapidly. Let go of both buttons. The remote's memory has been erased (after pressing any button, the blue LED will not light up).
Copying signal: To start copying, previously saved button codes (see "Deleting the Remote Memory") have to be deleted from the remote control. Bring both hands together and press the button you want to copy - the diode flashes slowly 3 times and then flashes quickly which means the button was copied correctly. Repeat the operation with the other remote control buttons. Keep in mind that both remote controls must be very close together and must have a functioning battery.
Restoring memory: At the same time press button 3 and 4 - the LED flashes three times and after a while flashes quickly. It means that the memory was restored correctly.

Functions: copies, erases and restores codes
4 built-in buttons to use
Very fast and easy to program

High quality brand new remote control
The device is dedicated to people who would like to get extra spare remote control
Elegant and durable housing
Transmits at a frequency of 868.3 MHz and can copy most of the codes