Maclean Energy MCTV-697 Adapter USB Power Supply to DVB-T Antenna

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Adapter USB Power supply to DVB-T antenna - Maclean MCTV-697

Maclean already had a large number of satisfied customers at the market stage.
The brand is known world-wide for its quality, innovative strength, service and reliability of the products.
Meanwhile, Maclean is an industry leader in Europe.

Main features:
For LCD / Plasma / LED TV with built-in (passive) DVB-T tuner
Full metal connectors and plugs
To supply power to active internal / external DVB-T antennas
USB0Plug: Connector (to connect devices)
High quality signal wires
Foil layer to avoid interference
Loss-free signal transmission
Durable and flexible exterior insulation
Built-in LED to indicate the operation

The ideal adapter for your DVB-T antenna!

CTV-697 5V adapter is used to supply the DVB-T antenna with a USB port. The perfect solution if DVB-T tuner does not provide the 5V power supply (passive DVB-T).
Total length: 85 cm
Solid metal plugs
Adapter made of high quality materials
Rugged connectors to ensure the best contact
Loss-free signal transmission
Very precise and solid built
RoHS and CE compliant
Warranty 2 years