Hobbies ATS2 3/4 "50m 16-221
Hobbies ATS2 3/4 "50m 16-221

Hobbies ATS2 3/4 "50m 16-221


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The Cellfast Group is one of the leading Polish plastics processors and a leading manufacturer of hoses, garden accessories, gutter systems and roof liners in this part of Europe, based in 100% on the Polish capital. It is a definite leader on the domestic market and an important exporter to many countries in Europe and the world.

The Cellfast HOBBY ATS2 ™ garden hose is perfect for gardening.
Super-strong, non-bending, made of 6 layers will be a durable device, for which the manufacturer gives an unlimited warranty.
It has a length of 50m and a diameter of 3/4 ".

- Name: CELLFAST 16-221
- Type of item: Garden hose
- Product line: ATS2 hobby
- Length (m): 50
- Diameter (in inches): 3/4
- Material: Six layers of materials, double-cross-cord double-thread (ATS2) braid made of polyester yarn

- Cellfast Hobby ATS2 3/4 "50m garden hose
- Original manufacturer's packaging
- A proof of purchase

- 6-layer
- Hose not twisting, resistant to the formation of knots blocking the stream of water
- Double braid - tricot (ATS2 ™), made of high quality polyester yarn
- Resistant to UV rays and algae deposition inside the hose
- Free of cadmium, barium and lead
- Excellent usable properties
- Temperature range -20 / + 60 ° C
- Long-term warranty in conditions of correct operation

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